Fat Bike Polo

FBW Polo is an optional event for FBW participants! It will be played on Elk Avenue during our Opening Party on January 24, 2020 outside the Brick Oven Pizzeria starting at 5pm! It is limited to the first 64 FBW registrants who opt-in for polo. If there are extra spaces available the day of the event, we will open it up to non-FBW racers for a $25 donation that includes endless Ska beer!

Photo credit: Lucid Images

*Based on hardcourt bike polo rules, but modified to reflect winter at 8888’, novice players, and questionable conditions (surface will be plowed, but snow/ice may exist), and to get more folks encouraged to play bike polo…in the winter! Rules subject to change; final rules presented at event.
Attire and Etiquette
  1. Don’t be an ass! We’re playing bike polo…on fat bikes…in the snow. Take it easy!
  2. Must have a helmet on. Cycling Hairnets accepted.
  3. Jean shorts, mustachios (fancy face wear), and scarves are acceptable methods of polo dress.
  4. It will be cold!
  5. Don’t put your mallet in your bud’s spokes or hit anyone with your mallet…that ain’t cool!
  6. Don’t swing that mallet above your head… remember, this is the ‘game of KINGS’! Try to keep the ball on the ground.
Bikes and Gear
  1. For best results, go with what you know! You are most familiar with your own fatty fatty fat bike, so you’ll be able to maneuver it best while swinging a mallet.
  2. Polo mallets are provided. We have various options in size and length, all with the same mallet head. They are all righty or lefty.
  3. Personal mallets encouraged and appreciated!  They should be nothing out of the ordinary.
  4. The ball is a glow-in-the-dark spikeball with more air in it than usual to get a 5” diameter. It is easy to control, pass, shuffle, and shoot. Ref’s will have multiple balls to keep the play moving.
  5. Minimum tire width of 3.0” (race day minimum is 3.8″).
  6. Fixie fat bikes are acceptable, studded tires are encouraged! At least one brake on the bike.
  7. No protruding or sharp parts. Handlebars must be plugged or capped. Referee may stop game at any point for an unworthy bike.
Method of Play
  1. 10 minute continuous play game, where the clock does not stop for goals or if ball goes out of bounds. For the final match, the clock will stop for goals and for balls sent out of bounds.
  2. During continuous play, there will be no stalling of the defensive team to wear out the clock.  The Ref. will use sound judgment to get the ball back into play whether the defensive team in position on their half of the court or not.  If excessive slowness to get back to play for defensive stalling purposes, then the Ref. may call a ‘free shot’ on goal from half-court. Ref’s gonna keep it real yo!
  3. Bracket style tournament play. After each match, the team with the most goals advances to the next round, and the two teams that have advanced the farthest will meet in the final match.
  4. To start the game, each player is behind their goal and seated on their bikes. When all are ready, the Ref. drops the ball in the center of the court, and GAME ON! Joust baby JOUST!
  5. If a ball is hit out of play, that team will surrender to their half of the court, while the other team/Ref. brings the ball back into play. Refs and volunteers will assist with fetching balls if necessary.
  6. Teams that advance to the next round will alternate sides and disputes will be settled with roshambo.
  7. Heed the Ref and the whistle: whistle halts play, and referee calls are final.
  8. It is acceptable to put a foot down during non-tactical play (you don’t have the ball). We know not all people have really groovy mustachios and can track stand for an hour.
  9. If you put a foot down in tactical play, the Ref. will blow the whistle, you must leave the court, go into the Brick Oven patio and slug some SKA Brewing, then return to the game. A power play if you will….
  10. You can only score a goal with both feet on pedals.
  11. You can score from a ‘shuffle’ (side of mallet), or a ‘shot/hit’ from the end of the mallet.
  12. You can trackstand with the help of your mallet outside of the crease, but not within the crease (offense or defense).
  13. You may not trackstand with your mallet to defend a goal.
  14. You can use your bike tires to pass the ball to you or another, or to score!
  15. Hockey rule…in this version of bike polo, you can use your foot to control or pass the ball to yourself (but you cannot score or shoot with your foot). This is permitted so you can put the ball on your mallet side, retrieve a ball from out of bounds, etc. It’s the Ref’s discretion if you use the kick for a tactical advantage besides controlling the ball for the sake of a pass or a shot.
This is all about fun. The winners get WHISKEY, bragging rights, and fame, and the runners up get vodka!