Yes, it’s freezing! There’s no bad weather, only bad gear… and Lieutenant Dangle still wears shorts.

fat bike in shorts

Yes, keep your noggin covered while on your bike with an approved bike helmet.

Yes.  There will be a limited number of fat bikes available for demo, but there’s no guarantee that they will be available for the race, so bring your own fatty.

On the trails, Yes. In the races, No.

Yes! After the race begins, you can have your crew hang out in designated feed zones so you can collect a feed each lap.

Heck yeah! Beers, buddies, bands, bikes… bring it on! 

You betcha.  There will be prizes awarded for the top finishers and for the best costume

No, the championship race is individual! Choose from the Championship (4 laps) or the Fun (3 laps) option

So be it… it’s winter in Colorado and it snows!  We are on no matter what (unless it dumps 2′ and a fat bike can’t physically move through the snow. Then, we just gotta stack it up to Mama Nature and drink beer).

Awesome! The course is groomed specifically for our race to ensure that it is as firm as possible. We work with Colorado Mountain College and our pro grooming team to ensure the course is as firm as possible with the conditions we are given!

Of course! The course is open for pre-riding on Friday, Jan. 26th. Expect downhill enduro traffic from 11:30-3

The minimum tire width is 3.8″.

The maximum tire pressure is 8psi.

These will be checked at the starting line, as going below these specs destroys the track for others as the race progresses.